Internal Audit(2017-2019)

Internal Audit Committee – C14
S.n Name Designation Region Country Email
Prakash Jung Thapa, President ICAN
Dr. Krishna Hamal, Honorary Council Member
Executive Committee
1 Goba Katuwal Chair Oceania Australia
2 Dilli Bhattarai Cochair Americas USA
3 Bharat Rijal Cochair Africa Tanzania;
4 Mahendra Oli Cochair Oceania Australia
5 Shamim Anwar Member Oceania Australia
6 Anil Pokharel Member Oceania Australia
7 Satendra Shah Member Americas USA
Downloads 1.TOR 2.Brief Profie of Internal Audit Committe ICC 2017 to 2019 3.Preliminary Draft Yearly Operation Plan to 31 December 2018