NRNA Mobile Blood Bus


One Province, One Mobile Blood Bus Project

                                           “NRNA’s Quality Project for Nepal”

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  1. Introduction
“One Province, One Mobile Blood Bus Project” is a quality enhancement Project of NRNA for Blood Banks of all seven provinces. Each Province has a medical hub, which is facing a lot of challenges for providing quality blood service time again. The harsh climatic condition of each place adds challenges in blood collection during summer, winter and rainy seasons. This project will eliminate climatic barrier for blood donation as it will have Air Condition and closed space.  The project’s cost is estimated about NRs. Seventy Lakhs for each Mobile Blood Bus. It is one of the flagship project led by NRNA’s President Rabina Thapa and IES 2021-23.  This initiation is being supported by the Nepalese diaspora all over the world. Blood Banks have prepared the operational plan to operate these Mobile Blood Banks in each province. This project is being conducted jointly by Non-Resident Nepali Association and Blood Banks of Nepal. Institutional collaboration for the good cause like such can give some solutions for effective, efficient and safer blood management of Nepal.
  1. Objectives :
  • To help in Blood collection and supply in Blood Transfusion Service Center
  • To assure the quality and safety of patients
  • To increase the number of Blood Donors
  • To promote use of technology in Blood Transfusion System in Nepal
  • To provide the blood to emergency cases from the collection site
3. Committee Members
S.N. Name Role Designation Country
1 Rabina Thapa Head President, NRNA America
2 Vinay Adhikari Co-Chair Deputy General Sec-retary UK
3 Pramod Situala Co-Chair Secretary, NRNA USA
4 Lok Prasad Dahal Member Treasurer Belgium
5 Fanindra Panta Member Treasurer Netherlands
6 Suneel Sah Coordina-tor for Madhesh Province Mobile Blood Bus Treasurer USA
7 Dr. Roshan Lal Shrestha Member Chair, NRNA BTS USA
8 Yamuna Bhattarai Member Joint-Treasurer USA
9 Tanka Gaire Member Joint- Treasurer USA
10 Shiva Paudel Member President, NRNA NCC Japan Japan
11 Dipak Gautam Coordina-tor for Province 1 Mobile Blood Bus President, NRNA NCC Canada Canada
12 Dilip Kumar Pokhrel Member   Australia
13 Niraj Panta Member   USA
14 Amit Kattel Member   USA
15 Renu Subedi Member   USA
16 Laxmi Giri Member NCC President, Ba-harain Baharain
17 Romiyan Limbu Member   UK
18 Bishnu Baniya Member   Japan
19 Mohamad Muktada Musalman Coordina-tor for Lumbini Province Mobile Blood Bus NCC President, Qatar Qatar
20 Kunal Mishra Project Coordina-tor Officer, NRNA Nepal
S.N. Name Role Designation Country
1 Dr. Manita Rajkar-nikar Advisor Past Director, CBTS, NRCS Nepal
2 Dr. Hem Raj Sharma Advisor Vice President, NRNA UK
3 Gouri Raj Joshi Advisor General Secretary, NRNA USA
4. Plan of Action for three Blood Buses: Province 1, Madhesh Province and Lumbini Province
Action Focal Person Timelines
Fund   Raising for Province 1 Deepak Gautam    
Fund   Raising Madhesh Province Suneel Shah 2 Months (Max)  
Fund Raising for Lumbini Province Mohammad Muktada Musalman 2 Months (Max)    
Order for 3 Buses Rabina Thapa, NRNA Secretariat (Rabi Kiran Adhikari and Kunal Mishra) 1 Week  
Delivery of Buses Contractor 5 Months (Max)  
Handover of Bus Rabina Thapa  & Team 6 Months (Max)  
Monitoring and Evaluation NRNA BTS 6 Months (Max)  
Report Writing NRNA BTS 6 Months (Max)  
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