NRN Citizenship

  One of the main goals of Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) from its very beginning was to ensure Continuity of Nepali Citizenship (CNC) rights to Foreign Nationals of Nepali Origin (FNNOs). As a result of years of efforts and advocacy, the Constitution of Nepal 2072 has finally provisioned for Non-Resident Nepali Citizenship with economic, cultural and social rights. While there is no doubt that this is a big achievement, there is still a long way to go.     The main focus now is to ensure that proper regulations are in place that ensure the provision made are implemented according to the spirit of the Constitution. The committee will work to facilitate the promulgation of acts to ensure that FNNOs are able to exercise the rights as provisioned by the constitution. Since citizenship is a sensitive issue, the committee will work carefully on this matter through a range of activities which have been outlined below. The committee will follow the Terms of Reference accordingly.   
  Coordinate as well as facilitate in the formulation of Act & By-laws in accordance with the provision made for NRN Citizenship in the Constitution of Nepal-2072 to ensure that NRNs are able to exercise their right hassle free. Following are its objectives:   
  • To conduct detail study and analysis on the role and right of the NRN Citizens as provisioned in the constitution and work in the interest of establishing the fundamental right of the Non-Resident Nepali Citizenship. 
  • To advocate about dissolution of Clause 291 of Nepal’s constitution which has omitted the fundamental right of permanent Non-Resident Nepali. 
  • Promulgation of Citizenship amendment bill incorporating the suggestions made by NRNA by parliament.  
  • Enactment of rules and procedures so that the deserving NRNs can acquire the NRN citizenship in seamless manner.   
  • Continued lobbying in support of citizenship to NRNs with full rights (Dual Citizenship allowed). 
  • Prepare suggestions on other NRNA related laws and rules and work for their enactment. 
  • Develop position papers of NRNA on issues of citizenship through research consultation and dialogue if required. 
  • Identify best practices regarding dual citizenship, diaspora rights and communicate the same to Nepal Government, political parties and citizens at large. 
  • Identify the drawbacks of the present laws (Constitution/Acts/Rules) and work for their improvement. 
  • Ensure that the Nepalese nationals residing outside of Nepal enjoy full rights as national living in Nepal and face no discrimination in enjoying their fundamental rights (like employment) on account of their residential status and other issue. 
     नागरिकता, मतदान अधिकार आदि सम्बन्धी एनआरएनएका आन्तरिक स्तावेजहरु (Internal documents of NRNA related to citizenship, voting rights etc)