Nepal Science Foundation Trust



The Nepal Science Foundation Trust (NSFT) is an independent autonomous organization registered in Nepal in 2011. Its main aim is to help promote and advance science and technology in Nepal. The NSFT emphasizes ways of popularizing science and technology especially in the younger groups, and how research in basic sciences and application in engineering, medicine and other applied fields can contribute towards a more rapid and sustainable economic development in Nepal. The Trust is a diaspora driven institution and seeks to engage the Nepal-based scientists and practitioners to collaborate on achieving the above-mentioned goals. The NSFT began its work with affiliation and collaboration with the Non Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA). It will continue to have a cooperative working relationship with NRNA and will work closely with interested diaspora members globally.

Our Mission

NSFT’s mission is to create benefit for Nepal through science and innovation by promoting science education, capacity building, and R&D collaboration to support emerging and indigenous technology with its education and applied industry and impact-orientated research portfolio.
Our Vision
The NSFT wishes to support and advocate appropriate science and technology policies, science education, scholar exchange program and collaborative research and development projects with universities in Nepal and internationally. It will work to promote start-ups in Nepal in priority areas like environment, biotechnology, health, information technology, infrastructure, agriculture and energy. It will work to raise awareness of science at the community level and to promote both modern and indigenous technologies in Nepal.