Call for event management services (10th GC)

  1. Background:
Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), a not for profit global organization of People of Nepali Origin and Nepali Citizens residing outside Nepal was established on 11 October, 2003 with the purpose of uniting and bringing together the Nepali Diaspora under one umbrella.  NRNA is duly registered with Government of Nepal, Ministry of Foreign Affairs having its registration number as 01-2070/71.  The objective of NRNA is to protect and promote the interests of Nepali Diaspora in and outside Nepal, utilize their potentials and resources for the welfare of Nepal and the Nepalese, promote Nepal and Nepali business interests and maintain cordial relation with the outside world.   During the 18 years of its establishment, the NRNA has successfully extended its network in 84 countries by establishing its National Coordination Councils (NCCs) and through these NCCs; NRNA is interconnecting the Nepali Diaspora and actively working for the preservation and promotion of Nepali culture, tourism, traditions and literature.  
  1. The Event:
Every two years, NRNA organizes the Global NRN Conference with the support of the Government of Nepal – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The Global Conference is organized in conjunction with the International General Assembly (IGA) of NRNA.   The 10th NRN Global Conference and NRNA IGA is being scheduled for October 23- 25, 2021 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Global Conference is the mega event of NRNA which is participated by the NRNs from across the globe, Resident Nepalis, Friends of Nepal and high-profile personalities and dignitaries of Nepal.  It is expected to receive more than 1000 participants in the conference.   The event is divided into two parts. The NRNA IGA is a closed program which will be open for the registered NRN members only to be held on 23 October 2021.  Whereas the Global NRN Conference is Open program which will be held on 24-25 October 2021. The inauguration and closing ceremony of the global conference will be graced by the head of the country.  
  1. Scope of Work:
  NRNA is seeking for an efficient Event Management Company to support and facilitate in conducting the entire event smoothly and professional manner.  The scope of work for the service providers are briefed here below.     PART A: CREATIVE & DESIGN:
    1. – Design the logo of the conference based on the theme
    2. – Conference Branding
    3. – Design Brochure/ Invitation Card/ Program Manual/ Booklet/ Banner/ Forms/ID cards and more
    4. – Design Conference Stationaries; Kitbags and Merchandizes
    1. – Brochures
    2. – Form
    3. – Kitbag
    4. – Notebook
    5. – Pen
    6. – Program Manual
    7. – Conference Souvenir – Book
    8. – ID Card
    9. – Tokens
    10. – Invitation Cards
    11. – Program Bulletin
    12. – NRNA Batches
    1. – Registration Desk regionwise : 6 Desk at venue
    2. – Registration of the delegates and participants
    3. – Payment collection
    4. – Press Registration
    1. – Stage and Sitting Planning
    2. – Stage Decoration
    3. – Audio/ Visual Management and Supplies
    4. – Signage and Banner displays
    5. – Videography and Photography
    6. – Visual Presentation of all the events of IGA and GC as a short movie
    7. – Recording of Audio and Visual of all conference
    8. – Photo Booth for Delegates
    1. – Establish Secretariat zone at the conference venue
    2. – Establish Election Committee Zone
    3. – Establish Information and Press Zone
    4. – Internet Facilities at venue and different zones
    5. – Supply of Stationaries and logistics for different zones
    6. – Delivery of Invitation Cards
    7. – Follow up and Confirmation of the VIP and Special Guests
    8. – Security Arrangements at the Conference venue
    9. – Press Management
    10. – Photocopying Service
    11. – Food quality assurance
    12. – Meal Coupons – participants, secretariat, volunteers, press
    13. – Surveillance of the entire event and report
    14. – Reporting
    15. – Others as requested by the event incharge or secretariat
  1. Requirements:
  NRNA requests the interested event management companies to submit the detailed proposal in the format prescribed along with the tentative planning of the event and the copy of following documents. Documents to be submitted:
  1. – Detailed proposal (As per prescribed format)
  2. – Tentative Planning of the event
  3. – Company Profile highlighting the major achievements, expertise and list of skillful human resources
  4. – Registration Certificate of company
  5. – Recent Tax clearance certificate of company.
  1. Timeline:
The proposal along with requirements should reach to NRNA secretariat by 26 September 2021, Sunday. The proposal can be submitted directly to NRNA secretariat or via email.  
  1. Contact:
  NRNA Secretariat Baluwatar, Kathmandu. P.O. Box: 1189 Phone: 977-01-4426005; Web:     Note:  There is probability of switching the conference into virtual mode depending on the COVID-19 restrictions issued by the Nepal Government. In case of virtual conference, NRNA will revised and issue the scope of work needed for the virtual event.