COVID19 Science based online information sharing program As COVID-19 crisis deepens, it has also caused severe crises. There seems to be widespread confusions at both the community as well as policy level and lack of a science-based information sharing, and awareness at community level. In light of this, NRNA SK&TT department, Nepal Science Foundation Trust (NSFT) Division has initiated a regular fortnight online discussion forum with high profile scholars and expertise from both Diaspora and Nepal to share and exchange ideas and seek their input to mitigate scientifically the COVID crises. This online forum will be held fortnightly as a regular feature for next six months. The first two episodes were held recently and the information was linked and shared in NRNA fb and with local media to further spread this message widely to reach community in all parts of Nepal. Dr Raju Adhikari, Chair NSFT, SK&TT department is the host of the program and please contact the NSFT if you wish to share your expertise in COVID Science R&D, policy and management. NSFT, SK&TT Career Webinar Nepal Science Foundation Trust (NSFT), Science Knowledge and Technology Department (SK&TT), Australia, NRNA is also initiated a career web seminar to risk averse the impact of COVID 19 and help students, early job seekers, and middle career professionals for getting into the Australian job market and career path. The speakers are experienced students and professionals and guest consultant who will share their experiences and give insight information and hold an interactive discussion session. Career webinar program is designed to help prepare student and professionals to understand the changing job market dynamics and provide a necessary support structure and mentor to help find a job.