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Wednesday, June 28, 2017 ,   बुधबार, असाढ १४ , २०७४
MOUs with NRNA
1 Agreement Arniko [Download Pdf]
2 Atithi Dewo Bhawa [Download Pdf]
3 Beeds Report [Download Pdf]
4 MOU with employees provident fund [Download Pdf]
5 MOU LAPRAK [Download Pdf]
6 Mou with Ministry of Urban Development [Download Pdf]
7 MoU With Nepal Army [Download Pdf]
8 MOU with Nepal Purwadhar Bikash Company Ltd [Download Pdf]
9 MOU with Iowa Nepalese Association [Download Pdf]
10 MOU-Handicraft [Download Pdf]
11 MOU with UN Women and Nepal Institute of Development Studies [Download Pdf]
12 Nepal Olympic Committee [Download Pdf]
13 NRNA Building Design MOU [Download Pdf]
14 MOU wiith walk Free Foundation [Download Pdf]
15 MOU with UN Women [Download Pdf]
16 MOU between Government of Nepal Ministry of Education and NRNA(Open University) [Download Pdf]
17 MOU with Foreign Emplyoment Promotion Board(FEPB) [Download Pdf]